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Cassia tora Seed

image Cassia Tora also known as Cassiakernmehl and senna is derived from Cassia Tora having a family name Caesalpinaceae; botanical name is Cassia Tora and common names are SICKLE POD, SICKLE SENNA, FOETID CASSIA, TOVARA, COFFEE POD, CHAKVAD. Cassia Tora is a weed (wild crop).

Cassia tora powder, cassia tora split, cassia torea splits, cassia tora split powder, goma cassia, cassia dervo etc.are  of cassia origin from India. Caesalpinaceae, a botanical name is cassia tora and common names are sickle pod.

These seeds grow in the dry soils and in the tropical regions of India, in both hot and wet tropical climates. A typical cassia consists of 1-2% volatile cassia oil. This oil basically brings the spicy and aromatic flavors in any preparations in which it is applied.

Cassia is basically a slim evergreen tree. In order to harvest this tree the bark of the tree is sown to grow a cassia crop. The cassia tree is 65 feet height.

Cassia Tora has natural gelling properties. A gelling composition and thickener is based on quality of Cassia Tora. Cassia Tora is used as a gelling agent that is Cassia Gel. Cassia powder natural gelling properties for using as a gelling agent. Cassia is a gelling agent used as an air freshener in the form of gels. Cassia seed works as agelling agent in pet food.